Preparing For The John Muir Trail

Week Thirteen

This is going to be a short one since I didn't really do much to prepare for our walk this week. I did take my puppies for hikes but they were only 4-5 miles hikes so nothing all that strenuous. 

This was the last week Eros and I will do these hikes without out backpacks. I did carry a day pack that weighed in about 5 Kg but he's been bag free still.

I did come to a decision about my clothes this week. I've been trying to get used to wearing synthetics for over a month now and I just can't get comfortable in them so even if this is a mistake I've decided to simply wear the clothes I usually wear to hike and those are cotton. My roommate joked that it may end up being my trail name since wearing synthetics is such a big deal it would seem. 

So there, that's my week. Hopefully I'll have more to tell next week.

Preparing For The John Muir Trail

 I Just wanted to address a little something.

Why the posts, and why all of this preparation for only one week on the JMT? I know there are thru hikers out there who do 6 month hikes and I admire them for it. I wish it were something open to all and any who wish to try and maybe at some point in my life it will be open to me, but for now it is not.

My life is full of so many wonderful things that I would no longer have if I were to choose to do extended backpacking trips. I have a job working for the most wonderful and understanding people which I do not want to ever jeopardize because I have a whim to go walk from one border to the next. 

Eros is not my only dog and he is the least demanding of the three. I would never want to leave his sister for longer than two weeks. Even though I have a great friend and an awesome roommate both of whom watch over my pups when work calls me away from home it would be irresponsible of me to ask them to take on my dogs while I go have fun for months on end. Not to mention my 14 year old kitty cat.

I am hoping that, if all goes well on this week long trip in July, my pup and I could to the Tahoe Rim Trail next. That would be a longer trip.  And who knows if some day the powers that be find it in their hearts to give special permits to backpackers with their furry friends then maybe I could do the entire JMT, or the PCT, broken up in short stints to allow for me not to be away from home for too long. 

All that being said I have had a hard time finding information out there about backpacking with a puppy.

He's 3 years old. They're all puppies to me. 

Though I'm not sure I'm imparting loads of information so far maybe this can be of use to some and simply even slightly entertaining to others.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I write.

Have a most lovely of days.