Preparing For The John Muir Trail

Week Thirteen

This is going to be a short one since I didn't really do much to prepare for our walk this week. I did take my puppies for hikes but they were only 4-5 miles hikes so nothing all that strenuous. 

This was the last week Eros and I will do these hikes without out backpacks. I did carry a day pack that weighed in about 5 Kg but he's been bag free still.

I did come to a decision about my clothes this week. I've been trying to get used to wearing synthetics for over a month now and I just can't get comfortable in them so even if this is a mistake I've decided to simply wear the clothes I usually wear to hike and those are cotton. My roommate joked that it may end up being my trail name since wearing synthetics is such a big deal it would seem. 

So there, that's my week. Hopefully I'll have more to tell next week.