Then Came Woman

I still have quite a bit of work to do on this image but this time around it seems ready to be created. Although I'm still not sure if the image I have in my head will be the image that is finally created. It's always interesting to see what finally comes.



A Dog Appears

Since I've started this image over it is coming along more smoothly and more easily. This would explain why I went to bed close to midnight last night. I get caught up in it, and loose tract of the hours passing. I know they are passing. I'm aware of it but I don't care so much. When the image is moving along I don't feel sleepy. Only when it doesn't work do I feel the need to go to bed. 

But to bed I went for I work today.


Beautiful Sadie has graced this tree, to be followed by little old moi.

A New Image Emerges

so last time I felt kind of grumpy because I have been working on two images that just are not coming as easily as I would like them to. 

I decided to step back an start them over. The first of the two is slowly taking shape. Though I still have a great deal of work to do on it, I think that this time should be a bit less challenging for me. At least that is what I am hoping.

This is the first stage of my new creation. The background, or the preliminary background.


Next will come a puppy dog. Then....

Pause to better move forward.

So I've been having a bit of a challenge with my self portraits. I have several images that I want to create. Actually I have loads of images in my head that I'd like to create, but there are two I've been working on and I feel that I need to completely start the editing process over.

I'm still learning photoshop in many ways and it can take me so very long to do things that I know should not take that long. And sometimes I continue in the direction I've been going even because I'm pretty sure it's not the right way to achieve what I have in my head. But when you've spent so long on an image it isn't easy to simply chuck it all and start over. I worry that if I do that I'll somehow loose the image I was striving to create. 

I know it's just silly but there it is. That's why I sometimes need to not work on my uncompleted images. Until I can let them go so I can find them again.

Now I'm ready to clear the board and begin anew. My vision will be the same no matter what and I have had time to think of a new way in which to try to bring out what is in my head.